At Grinnin Fish we believe that children are the best scientists of all! Always asking questions, investigating, constantly learning, showing great curiosity, willing to try new things, and coming up with the best observations and conclusions ever!

By providing positive guidance, fun educational opportunities, learning from mistakes, praising achievements and sharing enthusiasm for science and the world around us, we can look forward to our children having a promising future and a life long enthusiasm for learning.

Based on these ideals, Grinnin Fish has brought together classes that are made to be fun, hands-on and educational, allowing students to learn and experience first hand. We all learn and remember best when all of our senses are involved and engaged. Equally important is for the adults in the group to participate and demonstrate that curiosity and interaction are not limited by age.

We look forward to working with you and your children, adding the fun to educational activities. We like to call it “Edu-fun-cational”!

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